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Fully rockered Banana boards stance


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Just got my wife a new Roxy Envi BTX board that has full rocker and mag trac. Never had a non cambered board before. Was wondering if I need to do anything different or special with the stance and binding positions compared to a regular board? Also, how will these ride on groomers at speed? Will be used mostly off piste on steep runs, but we have some steep fast egresses off the mountain where you have to keep a lot of speed or skate a long way.

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Same stance width and angles as normal.

I do not know the board, but experience has shown me that you ride rockered decks centered on the inserts. The board likely will not ride well at all set back on the inserts. This goes for deep days as well. The board will float beautifully with the bindings centered! :biggthump

All the rockered boards I have tried (6) have carved well on soft groom, traversed just fine, been stable on high speed cat tracks, and tracked straight at speed with no additional effort. It is a bit different at first, but you won't notice after a couple of runs.

On firm groom, some carve and some don't. If you put the board on edge on a flat surface and the full effective edge contacts the snow, it will likely carve like any softboot board (with a bonus of quicker and easier edge changes). If the nose and tail are off the snow when you put it on edge, then it will likely not carve as well on hero (alpine standards) and firmer groom. It will still track straight though.


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