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Beefy Coiler FCC 175 Available


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Excellent shape. Not perfect cause of afew very light scratches in the base. Look at the pics. Not even binding marks. Ridden just several short sessions. I weigh 155 lbs and I couldn't bend this bad boy. You'd better weigh 175 or more I'd guess. Bruce's Numbers: 175 FCC 08 PX1 6.6

Measurements: Tip 26.9, mid 21.0, Tail 26.9

Asking $400 plus shipping, say $20. Exceptional price for a custom board in this condition. You get first shot. It will be here afew days. If you guys don't want it, I'll put her on Fleabay.

sorry, can't upload photos. I'll get some help and repost.

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Yooperboy is first in line. Will let the rest of you know if we finalized our deal.

I was going to sell the dog, but he has turned out to be our best Avalanche Rescue Dog. He has a great nose for frozen human flesh compressed by tons of compact snow. What a dog!

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You can keep anything below the Mighty Mac! Anxiously awaiting delivery of the weapon. 1st Coiler, should be a vast improvement over the Alp Im riding now. Anyone know how/where I can get specs for the Alp. Had it so long I dont even know the scr anymore. Very nice clean board with the Cool Cat graphics, powder blue top sht. 163cm 19ish waist trade for TD2 step-ins.

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