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oh-oh. ski question


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We have a shop at the local hill that rents out high-end ski's to demo for a day.

So, if I get a wild hair and am looking for a ski that is towards the specialized end of tight tree's and moguls, what ski should I be asking for?

It's been a few years since I've been on ski's, so a good intermediate ski would probably be in my best interest.

(I did start skiing @ 4 and did so until I was 32 and REALLY loved moguls. I kinda miss them.)

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I recommend staying on the board. Having the rotational control of a board with a low swing weight and having much less length (in general, the AM ski or pow ski you'd be on for this to get sufficient float will be 175+) helps keep the tail in control.

Am I saying boards are better in bumps? No. You lose a lot of lateral stability and it's just plain hard to learn bumps on a snowboard, but once you get infected, it's just as fun as carving.

I wish they made a mogul alpine snowboard..no clue what the specs would be..Soft!

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If you're style is to actually carve the moguls/bumps, I would recommend a slalom ski. I've been using the HEAD WorldCup SL 160cm (I'm 5'-8") with good results. - Also what Bode Miller skiis on I believe.

I also have'nt been on the skiis for a year now - started boarding - But as I am watching the Olympic Moguls tonight (right now), I'm thinking of skiing some bumps again soon. Carving them through them though, not killing my knees.:nono:

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