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Nastar Last weekend for qualifying!


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This is indeed the last weekend to qualify. I plan on setting snowboard gates at Okemo Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There is a fly in the ointment. I'm banned from racing after being diagnosed with torn meniscus, partially torn ACL, and a small fracture in my left knee. As a result we don't have a certified pacesetter for Friday for our clinic. I believe we'll have a pacesetter for Saturday and definitely for Sunday. I'm still working on a Friday pacesetter but at this point it will be unlimited non-NASTAR timed runs between 10 - 2 for $10 with video (big screen!) review later.

Come join us!

Questions? Contact me at racing (at) mtlski.com

Pat Moore

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god gawd! Your as worse then the wife!

Part of me says take so motrin and man up or get your b@lls out of your wifes purse, the other part of me is passed out on the floor. Feel better man, one of these days I am going to have to take a trip out there just to play with ya all you make is sound Fun!

kinda of skateboard through a alleyway full of glass kind of fun,

but still fun

feel better man need a address I will send you a bottle of reflex "vitmains" free on the house!

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