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Snowboarding will help you land that great new job


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The guy who gave me my first job (as a programmer 25 years ago) eventually told me it was because I had put "ultimate Frisbee" on my resume. Since then whenever I'm looking, I always put my outside interests on there.

As a manager, I've hired fiddlers (another interest of mine) and at least one skateboarder. I've yet to see a resume from a snowboarder.

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I always put racing dirt bikes on my resume. My bosses have always been a little nervous after a season or two. I have had a few VERY slow Mondays, there were a few times I was pretty beat up.

They usually asked me for my race schedule and told me to BE CAREFULthe Friday before a race.:eplus2:

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Last contract I had I made it down to the final interviews, sat down with the president and the first thing he did was look at 'other interests'...

"plays hockey... what level? okay okay.... likes cooking? what kind? okay okay.... oh! and you snowboard?!?!?! the kids alright with me...."

offer letter came the next day.

It was a prequalification for my new job - "gotta be able to go ride at least two fridays a month as winter is our slow season and you gotta entertain our clients." and to think i've gotta skip one to attend SOS.... the horror.

tough life. geez. they never taught me about this in school.:biggthump

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A college buddy of mine landed his first job right out of school at the prestigious Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute because he put down that he had designed at built his own windsurfer from scratch on his resume.

When Dr. Rob Ballard (the guy who found the Titanic) saw that, he asked Joe if he could take his board out for a spin off of Cape Cod.

A half hour later, he asked if Joe could start in two weeks....

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To work here for the summer. Currently attending a far away university.


Harvard University - 1989 – current year

Studying some brainiac topic. Let’s call it polytetrafluoroethylenology.

High School - Yes

Without this, I wouldn’t be in university.. duh!

Elementary School -

I don’t like to talk about it because my teacher sexually assaulted me. Also I was home schooled.


• Lying about my education.

• Playing beer pong.

• Calling 1-900 numbers

• Collecting water bongs. (for tobacco use of course)

* I am the leader of a 6,000 member clan on World of Warcraft.


You should hire me because I attend Harvard University. At the bar you’ll be able to brag to all your other manager friends that you hired someone from Harvard and they’ll get super jealous! Who knows, they may even buy you a drink. From hiring me you may get promoted to a higher position! Just imagine the possibilities!!

Please call me after 5:30 because I am self-employed and my employer does not know I am looking for another job

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