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California Carving Crew(Club)

Monster Carver

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Hey To All carvers out there in California,

I was up at june Mountain this weekend and met a lot of really good carvers and we talked about how nice it would be to have some sort of California carvers club.

If any ones interested post me back, I think with all the people we know and connections we all have, we could influence grooming conditions on the mountain, maybe put together share or demo days at the base of gunsmoke or shatzi, and represent a really good group of carvers when we travel to other states and countries.

We could share rides, deals, beers at the Tiger Tavern and just have alot of fun!

I thought a club name along the lines of "CALIFORNIA CARVING CREW" or if any one has a better idea lets put it out there.

I look forward to any and all repsponses, lets make this happen:)


JP(AKA Monster CArver)

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long time no see you, i will be riding at June with my son on January 30 & 31 let me know if you are going to be there

also, there should be a bunch of carvers going to June or Mammoth or both during February 25-28 most people will be there saturday and sunday, keep those dates in mind if you think you are going to be there we can all meet up somewhere


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WHat is up chef!!!

Just was up last week end and I may go back up this week end if all goes well this week.

Hows the riding going??

I am serious that we need to get a CCC going, if you see any cali carvers up at june have them look up California carving thread i know we can have fun with this.

I have a new sims burner coming and if i get up i will put it through the wringer this weekend.

bounce me your info and we can hook up next time on the mountain


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