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ECHO BEER League GS? Boards welcome 25 includes ticket


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19285 Hwy 103 • Idaho Springs, CO 80452 • 303.325.7347 • Fax: 303.845.9498 • www.echomt.comffice:office" /><O:p></O:p>

Tuesday Nights Under the Lights-Race League

Must be young at heart and - or quick on your equipment. For racers 18 years old and up. The format is giant slalom racing for the best of two runs. Ski and Snowboard divisions. Registration is in the Garage beginning at 5:00 p.m. Race coaching starting at 5pm available from former US Ski Team Athletes, with racing starting at 6pm.

Join an established team or start your own. Companies are encouraged to create your own team. Bring old friends, make new friends. Yes, it’s for the racing; but it’s also for the networking, the food, the warming drinks in the Garage and great food specials.

January 12, 19, 26 February 2, 9, 23 March 2, 9, 19

Team categories and format:<O:p></O:p>

Alpine, Ride, Telemark, Mixed. Team format is teams of five people and we will take the best four times each week from the team. Great prizes at the final race… Most improved, fastest male/female, 1<SUP>st</SUP>, 2<SUP>nd</SUP>, and 3<SUP>rd</SUP> in category!<O:p></O:p>

Purchase on our webstore. For information contact cdady@echomt.com


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Ski racing at Echo Mountain: Tuesday nights (even the World Cup hold races at night!)

-Great hill - approx. 30 sec single course (Team ski style GS set)

-Start - 20 yards from lodge, can watch racing from lodge (with bar!)

-Can race a practice course before race with ex US ski team racer giving pointers

-Nice pitch hill - 10 race teams currently have training lanes on the hill during the week

-For Tuesday race - ski area is only open to racers (one run open) so we have the lodge to ourselves

-I am told they are getting great race prizes!!!!!!

-ALSO told races to be sponsored by a Vodka company. Two local Evergreen bars are also supporting the racing.

Cost: $20 for race, $5 for ticket - $25 total per race night

Last Tuesday night was the first night and a lot of fun. A nice atmosphere for racing, close parking, we just need more racers.

I think the ex-TeamSkiers would enjoy the night of beer league racing.

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Set by richie a former US Ski team this course was incredible!!! Smooth, Fast no super crankers, no wierdness, its not a wax race!

Its on a blue about 30 sec, I ran it at 28, better then nastar, by far

we got 4 timed runs and was able to lap the course atleast 8 times...

they groomed the run prior to setting which was nice.

the Beer is cheap, and we went to the wood cellar restraunt afterwords!

DAM FINE gravy and fries. They have these hotwings..something about atomic, I think i almost passed out trying one.

We had the place to our selves, and I even had several other boarders there as well.

BEST DAM TUESDAY NIGHT ! Beats watching tv!

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Is it solely a team thing like listed/on Echo's website or just individual racing and there is a team competition type thing? My friend and I will for sure be checking it out next week, we got busy with school stuff this week and didn't plan it out too well.

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was there, It was a super tight course, I need to go sharpen my edges! next week a cross between the 2 course first week was long , fast, this one super turny. Next week a mix of both.

I was the only boarder there this time

made as many runs as I needed to to stay warm,

No as you make more runs, and you are judged by "Sue and Rich" general manger/coach you will be assigned to a team or you can come with one.

typically wood cellar bar and grill "Denver side" has a tues night beer and burger special that works Really well afterwords!

Note WEAK or no cell coverage

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  • 2 weeks later...

aww man

We bust crap last week and still trying to get gear and injuries repaired!

Candice blew a rear binding on her race skis and still limping from shin bang, I am sick with the flu.

We will get you 2 weeks from now, have fun on my course. time to beat is a 30.ish

and next week is cancelled becuase the race coach is going to be with the his wife have there first BABY... I mean really..

BTW Last weekend to qualify for nastar

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it was a fun course. some major crankin turns.... across the hill.

skiers were runing in the 35second range. i had a few 39 second runs. Guy on softies was runing in the 47 second range.

the snow was sooo killer!! hero grooming

I'll try to be back for the 23rd

apparently they are having the welding department fab some snowboard starts.

cheepest training around!!!

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Darren hooked me up with a mystery Asym(mabey from Europe), with a bit of rocker in the nose.

it's fun, but needs a riser of some sort. anny ideas?

Sounds like it may be the Virus Asym. As for risers, Vist or the F2 SFlex are possibilities if it isn't drilled for Hangl or any others. If you only want rise up off the board build your own. WWWD? (What would Wayne do?) Come up with something new and exciting.

Glad to see you're joining us for the LCS.


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