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SNES Date?


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frankly, was a big production. We do not have the manpower, nor the time, to pull it off this season. Planning for that one started during Sept or Oct prior, so we're too late to pull of something of that size (demos, tent, raffle, drinks, etc).

I did meet up with over 8 carvers during this past weekend. Gunsmoke was wrecked by the end of each day, by the way. However, everyone I talked to really wanted to at least have a day/weekend where we can all at least make a good effort to get together and destroy June/Mammoth.

So with that said.... how about we contribute to one of the best carving mountains in California, later in their season, when they would certainly appreciate our patronage. How about we meet up at Mt. Rose and June during the weekend of March 27th - 28th? No formal demos or anything, but we could at least share quivers, share a good meal and drink together and enjoy trenching our favorite slopes?

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Hey Guys,

First of all the girl was brook who lives in mammoth,

second those dates look good.

Third we should see who has the contacts at june to provide a cat to groom both gunsmoke and Shatzi this way we can alternate after one gets tracked up. I would put up beers or at least 50-100 bucks to make it happen

and I am sure we can come up with a tent and a table for swapping gear at the base of the run, we could do a bbq meet at the mid spot for lunch.


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We're interested in anything..

Just got back from a church group Mammoth trip.

Steal of the century, I got 3 nights in a condo, 2 lift tickets, a ride up and down (in an Excursion, no less..Much different than taking the Accord) and every meal homecooked..Total cost was $201.68!

Rode with a great softbooter, he taught me how to ride trees and moguls and we spent all day sunday on chair 12. The Coiler is TERRIBLE in trees until you get it moving.

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