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Wisconsin help

Helmut Karvlow

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***** yes, it's Wisconsin! As a matter of fact, there is only ONE hill in the whole ***** state... Rib Mountain, just outside of Wausau. Anything else is just a bump or a valley!

Not looking to tick anybody off. Just thought a bit more info on where the guy might be would be helpful. :biggthump

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No worries, mate. I just know what it is like to be "the Lone Rider" in the middle of nowhere.

Recently I was sitting in the bar of my hill, gearing up. A bunch of softbooters go by and I hear in their midst the clomping of what I think to be ski boots. I'm not paying any attention, but I glance down as they go by and see.... A BTS SETUP! WTF??? I'm speechless! Finally, just as they are just about gone around a corner I get out "HEY YOU! Hardbooter! BTS!" And so I met fastskiguy... from 'Chicago'... here in carve-wasteland.

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