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164 Proton?


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Thanks for the offer Carving Scooby. I'm not in a rush to buy right now, so I think I'll hold out for something closer to the specs I'm looking for.

BTW--I feel for you guys out in the Vancouver area with the recent warm temps. That stinks! We have cool temps here, but little precip.:confused: At least we can still make snow.

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I had one of these years ago. It had a HUGE sidecut for it's size and was VERY fast and damp. It was my first symetrical carving board, blew the doors off my Krypton 159 asym.

Sorry, i sold mine a few years ago to justify buying my Maverick...had the cool atom/ball pattern topsheet.

Someone used to call them "poor man's swoard"

Good luck.

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