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Looking at getting a skwal. Anyone have any insight into board selection?? I currently ride a Madd 170 and a 'Bruce special' VSR.

Can you use TD3's on these boards or are they too wide?

I am looking at a Guepard 183, anyone on that board currently? I weigh 210 lbs and 6'2".

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the bomber skwal should fit on the 183 (11,5cm vs 11,7 cm)

In my opinion:

Your too heavy for this board and the board is too old.

I have the same weight now and i´m using the mpride 183.

A few years ago (at this time i was lighter) i also have a thias 183 and broke it (no wonder, its a cheap foam construction)

When you want to have fun on an skwal go for

- a völkl monocarver, cheapest way

- mr183 (not testet yet, should be similar to the mprdie 183, but its cheaper)

- or the mpride 183 (most expensive way)

the mr183 and the mpride 183 look at the specs very similar and and when you check the width you can see from which board they are copied (thias 183)

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