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  1. Too much weight on back foot?? not sure if this was a heel side or a toe side, but it just did not feel quite right.....:lol:
  2. Is plate still available??? Interested. If so, what hardware with?
  3. I know of a Pureboarding board for sale that can be had in North America (NY actually...) does not get ridden any more, and looking to make space for a coiler......
  4. So Henry, do I take the Dupraz I got from you earlier this year????
  5. Headed to LECH Austria for March break. Never been.... 1- How are conditions there? 2- what is terrain like there for carving? Going with family and dont really want to take ski's if I dont have to as I really dont ski anymore, just carve... what boards to take??? Big radius carving boards? AM board? POW board? HELP!!!! Quiver is too big and dont want to take more than 2 boards.....
  6. John, unfortunately our meeting and day was cut short due to the flat lite and snow. Perhaps we can hook up next time we are in ASpen....
  7. Jack, there was a trail merge right before the collision, but in the back of my head I knew the other trail was closed due to lack of snow coverage on that trail and it was unskiable, THis skier overtook me on the same trail I was on.... For the record, I do agree with all the comments about looking behind you between turns, and I usually do that a few times per run. I guess tis run, mentally I thought I was the only one on it as it was 1st thing in the morning and when I looked at the top of the slope there was nobody even close. I guess there is always somebody faster than you on the slope
  8. I agree with being predictable, but if you view the video, you will see that I WAS very predictable. Carving turns side to side. If you listen to his comments after you will actually hear him say ' I saw you make a carve out to the left and thought I could get by you on the right'....
  9. Just happened to have my helmet cam operating on a run last weekend. Could have ended MUCH worse. Skier did not fare as well... From what I hear, he ended up with a broken nose and separated shoulder. I walked away with a sore jaw and a big chip out of my board about 2" ahead of my front binding!!!!! action is around 0:40 mark.... Headed to SES tomorrow, good thing I am not on crutches.....
  10. lafcadio and noir, you should come out to Holimont in EVL one of these times. Good smaller group of carvers we ride with there every weekend. (except for next couple weeks when we will be laying it out in Aspen at SES!!!!) :)
  11. WASMAN

    Kids board

    Looking for a kids board. Something shorter than a 147. Looking for my 9 year old son who is craving his first carve.....
  12. Sure hope things improve before all of our pilgrimages to Aspen in 4 weeks!!!! Hate to have to cart my rock board all the way across the continent!!!!
  13. WASMAN

    Madd 180 !!

    ok, I will bite.... I own a Madd 158 and a 170. Both green side walls. I Like them both, but would leave them in storage over my Coiler VSR. Why should I get this 180?? What is difference between green and red sidewalls? I know everyone covets the red sidewalls? Was there magic dust sprinkled on these?
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