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The general rules for this section are the same rules as all the forums on AlpineSnowboarder. However, the rules specific to Equipment Reviews are:

  • Post reviews only on gear you have actually used/have experience with. Not what you heard from your buddies on that particular item.
  • Try to be fair in your reviews and give both sides to the product. In other words give both the good and bad if you can.
  • Any reviews that are a blatant slam or flame on a product will be removed. See above rule on how to write your review.
  • In the title of your review PLEASE be specific as to what you are reviewing. This will direct others come to your thread to post a review. For example, if you are going to start a review for a Brand X board, the title should be: “Brand X, Model Y”. So let’s try and keep a form of: Brand, Model, then anything else you think is needed.
  • Try to include the year of the product. This will be a big help in boards and boots as some models have been around for quite some time but there where changes over the years.
  • Try to include basic information about yourself in the review: age, weight, height, experience in alpine snowboarding. This will help others understand your relationship to the item in review.
  • Before posting a New Review double check and make sure there is not another review already started on the same item. Use the Search function for this.

We do reserve to right to pull or modify any review that does not meet the above requirements.

Thanks for participating!

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Hi folks,

Please remember the forums in this section are for Equipment Reviews. Fin's original rules above are clear and still stand.  Please take questions and gear discussions to Carving Central.  All threads in this section should start with a review of a product you have used.  Ensuing discussion of that review here is perfectly fine.


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