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Riding at MC Sunday 1/3/10


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I will be riding Mountain Creek on Sunday 1/3/10 (day # 7). I'll probably start at North and as crowds envelope the slopes move my way down to south and ride racing trail. My last day out was Monday and conditions were a little firm. MC has been blowing snow like crazy so I'm sure conditions will be much nicer then Monday. Hope to see other carvers there.

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I was on North Thursday (with the fresh snow), Friday morning (on Sugar with my wife, her first time on hard shells - and she's good too...lol)

Today on north at 8am for 5 runs this morning...got crowded so fast.

Cnditions have been great - no complaints from me.

Headed to Bellearye Sunday - it's Flex ticket day - $25 lift tickets!!!

Mark have fun! We shall cross carves very soon.

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Bellearye sounds like a better idea. I would go but my wife is working tomorrow and I gan't go very far from home. We will meet up some time soon to ride :).


After making a drive by it looked like North was completely packed today (Sat 1/2) I think I might start at North but quickly drive down to south if it gets to crowded. I will be on there at 7:45 am waiting for the first lift. Hope to see you there and/or any one else who wants to make some turns and even the likes of EricJ or Shawn.

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Although it was a little cold riding was pretty good. Nice firm styrafoam conditions that was a little wind blown. I ended up starting at south because I noticed that the gondola at North was not running at 7:40 am. Racing trail was nice but only riders left was opened which doesn't leave alot of room for carving but it was just enough to open it up. The place was empty. I stopped around 11 and there was still a few empty chairs moving up the hill. All together riding was pretty good.

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Belleayre was hero! It was cold as hell with the wind at the top, but once you went into the runs the trees are thick enough to stop the wind. Total of 12" of snow fell and there were freshies everywhere.

Great time!

I wasn't expecting that much snow or I would have brought the softie set up with the floater.

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