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Industry Interviews over at Stoked.at


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Our freind Bernhard over at Stoked.at has put a great section on his website called "Its Alive". He just posted some great statments from those in the industry on alpine snowboarding. Check them out HERE.

Keep in mind I had three martinis just before I wrote my statment and it looks like he editted out my therory on women carvers and why they will not ride with me :p

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Guest AlpentalRider

it might just be that he's getting additional boards from burton for him to sell.

Burton still makes Alpine gear for the racers in limited quantities. They just don't make them available through the normal distribution channels (i.e. the general public).

I also heard that they are selling Alpine gear in Japan, but I can't confirm that.

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Originally posted by stoked

are there any goofy footed women carvers in this forum?

as for the statements I don't have details about Burton's future so far - it's the R-17addicted in Japan I think ...

It's R17 Addicted...R35 would be the rice boy tuners wish for the new Skyline...as for the Addicted they are nice boards and serve as good off island (Japan) competition for the local Alpine board makers...TOOO expensive though...all japanese alpine gear is expensive I could make a killing selling boards from the states using USPS for delivery and just selling a few Doneks or the like on the slopes...I like my abused Ogasaka and my old Flite Asym...just fine for now...dreams of a blue flame 180RC

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Well, I really cannot get to much into the details as the standing court order does not allow me to name names. However, I can tell you this, I have learned two new things:

1) never assume "someone" is over 18 just because they smoke

2) carrying night vision googles is apparently proof of "stalking" in the state of Colorado.

Dang, when will I learn ;)

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