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UPZ boot liners 28


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I have a new, unused set of UPZ boot liners in a size 28. These are the standard liners that come with the boots. According to the web site they are self modling thermo liners but I am not sure what that means. They look very similar to the Raichle standard liners.

$25 plus shipping.


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I got the Thermos in there now too and I felt like it just wasn't going to happen. They feel great though, I can't wait to get out on them. I really like the adjustability of the buckles and the rear spring.

Anyway, I suppose a picture of the liners would be nice so I put one up <a href="http://www.bogeydog.net/pics/album05/DSC_0015">here</a>

Thanks for looking.


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Well, I have the AF700 and the AF600s too and since I haven't ridden the UPZ boots yet I can't comment about them on snow. But I will say that the springs on the UPZ don't look as stout as the AF700 but the plastic used feels a little better. The Thermoflex liners are much better but the UPZ buckles are tons better. The toe box in the UPZ is also a little bigger if you need that extra room. Personally, I am fine with the fit of the Raichles and thus far the UPZs are pretty comfy too but I will reserve futher judgement until I get on the snow in them.

One other thing is that the UPZ boots sole is a little shorter then the Raichel's, which will allow you to run your angles a little more relaxed without the fear of boot-out.


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those liners would work well with the burton boots

I have a pair of these boots and from the looks of them they will ride quite nice they have the high points of both raichle and burton boots like the raichle they have a tongue that will give a even flex

like the burton stuff they have real buckles and the shell is made of stiff plastic not the flimsy stuff that raickle/deeluxe uses

the af700/indy toe box actually used to collapse in my catek WCs

the only thing that worries me is the cant on the UPZ boots looks cheezy

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