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Was just curious what the advantages disadvantage of the thermoflex vs. the thermofit liners are. Have there been any changes to the thermoflex liners in the last 2-4 years? I've got a pair of thermoflex liners that I was thinking about putting in an Indy that has the thermofit liner, but only if it'd be considered upgrading it in terms of comfort and performance. I'm currenly riding about an 10-11 yr old Raichle 124 with many modifications to stiffen them up but I can't get them stiff enough. I think the plastic just up and up flexed out after so much riding? So hence the upgrade to the Indy's.

Thanks for the feed back

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Hi Carp

I THINK, and don't quote me, but the ThermoFit liners are what they call their Standard liners, not moldable. I could be wrong, but I can't get any info from Deeluxe's web site or catalog. Kneissel's web site is not working. If memory serves me correct, that's what they are. So the Thermoflex liner would definitely be an upgrade. No matter what, the Thermoflex liner is the only moldable liner they sell.

The 10 yr old 124's that you have are probably shot. With as much riding as you guys do, I would think the plastic is just worn out. You would see a HUGE improvement in the stiffness of the boots if you choose the Indy, with or without the Thermoflex liner.

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Guest Randy S.

Once you get the liner sorted out, if you still find the new boots not stiff enough, try Booster Straps. I have a set on my UPS boots and they work great. Provide flex while still adding stiffness (much better than booster straps that don't flex).


Bomber sells booster straps here:

Booster Strap on Bomber

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Guest chillaxin.nl

Michelle is right...i owned a pair of Indy's and the thermofit are the standard liners which come with the boots. There is no possibility to mould these, but i did you have to since they fitted pretty well (and nice and warm)...

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