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MY New Carving Machine

Dave Winters

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VERY nice machine! Gotta love big heavy tools. Are you a wood guy by proffession or hobby?

Do wood-work guys use DRO (Digital Read Out) on their lathes?

So I suspect "Wingnut" will be precision ballanced when you get done with him?

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Yeah, I'm a professional woodworker. I do all sorts of artsy-craftsy stuff- decorative bowls, framed mirrors, cutting boards, I like to mix it up a bit.

No DRO on the lathe- It's variable speed, with a three step belt pulley, and the dial has a scale on it to give you your speed. So depending on the belt position the rpm's are 70-700/190-1900/305-3050. Full speed reverse. 3hp motor. Really a fun tool.


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No. never turned any pool cues. I've done some weird stuff tho- Corian, Freindly Plastic, vegetebles, ice, bone, nuts, seed pods, cardboard, colored pencils, etc.

Can't wait to carve- I just bought my 31st consecutive season's pass here at Steamboat. No front range deals here: early season rate: $899.00. ouch! Unrestricted though.

Might be a good idea for a topic- "What's the most expensive season's pass?

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