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Board Heavytool driver


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I've got a HeayTool board...I don't think it's a "driver." I believe it is a "lizard." It has a picture of a skull on the nose, and snowcat on the rear. I bought it used and I was told it was 173cm long, 19cm waist, and a 9m radius.

Other than that, I know nothing about HeavyTools. Maybe I'll post a pic of it and see if anyone else knows anything, you should do the same...

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Hey fisrising ,thanks

the guy of the shop have said me that it's black , 21cm waist wide, 160 long and it has write driver on it, all speaking with him by phone, I can't see the board , it's so far in other city, but what I don't know is how go this board, and if it was a good model ,also in his construcction, I suppose that it has a few years on it ,but it's new. And I haven't hear anything about this brand and model. Only that is an Austrian brand

Greets Sito

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I am the proud owner of a HeavyTools board, 172 cm long, 18.5 wide, radius around 10 m. Although it's a few years old and has seen better days, it's still a nice ride. Nomen est omen: the board is a bit on the heavy side, compared to my other board (Voelkl Renntiger), but a well-built sandwich construction with graphite base. As you said, it's Austrian made - but as far as I can tell, they're out of business today. If you can get yours for a good price, you won't be disappointed.

Ride on!


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Cool! Love to see it. The site is going through some changes and forgive some of the dead ends. I have been focused on the "Links Page". I have a few "Heavy Tools" , however they are free-style boards. Known for their interesting shapes and wild artsy graphics. I don't recall seeing any alpine or races models. Look forward to seeing the photos and hearing if any BOL members have history on them. I am guessing Nils might have some insight into the history of the company. Thanks, Bryan

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Hey SITO, check out www.archive.org for some old HeavyTools Data.


It looks like they stopped producing Snowboard around 2000.

In the late 90's they produced the "Prince Albert" (race), "Patriot" (freecarve), and "Drive" (boarderX) in their alpine lineup.

Drive Specs

Alpine freecarve board with boarder X shape for all purpose use.

Durable CAP-wood-compound with "Twist-control" laminate.

length(cm) edge(mm) width(mm) sidecut(m) stance(cm)

150 1300 275/220/273 7,75 35-51

158 1368 282/227/280 8,5 36-52

165 1420 290/235/282 9,25 42-58

The graphics on Archive.org are spotty, but you can sometimes find text specs of old boards this way.



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Thanks Bryan,

Cool links oldsnowoard.com, I have added to my page favorites in my computer,nice journey throught the history of the alpine world and how this people could ride in this old diabolic machines,(the first photo of simss is spectacular)


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Here is a pic of what I believe to be a HeavyTools Lizard. Does anyone have info on it? I believe it is a 1998 173cm x 19cm x 9m board. Also in the pics is my 2003 RadAir Tanker O/S for comparisons...it is 187cm x 25.8cm x 9m...

Any more info would great!

PS...I love the heavytools...with my mondo 31.5, on a 19cm board!



Here are higher res pics...



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Sito, I love the tanker...but it has a specific place in my quiver...I use it if I am already in hardboots and want to...

* play in the woods / off piste

* ride fresh powder

* ride slush and crud

I will also put my softboot bindings and palmer power plates on it and ride softboots if I intend to snow shoe it somewhere...

It is quite an amazing board actually...and it loves powder!

It also is pretty quick to turn in New England's tight woods...[edit...let me rephrase that...it has a tight turn at 9m for our typically tight woods...from a hardboot perspective it takes for ever to go edge to edge, but from a softboot perspective it seems pretty good edge to edge...]

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