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If I ever win a lottery, you can count on me that at least 10 mil will go to the carving community:) We need a highly budgeted movie featuring high definition, good music, and excellent carving from all different styles. My favourites are CMC type style, with the outside hand grabs in carves, forward driving initiation and a nice tail-loaded recoil right before transitions; and Patrice and Jacques' style.

I would seriously buy up advertising time on X-games and the likes and play mysterious looking adds of carver's ripping it up hard.

i'll never win the lottery, since i don't buy tickets... but a first step is to do what Jacques and Patrice and Nils are doing and host short videos of our own. We could easily organize this... we DEFINATELy have the talent for a good video, but it takes commitment.

a lot of us already do so much to support this sport. once i'm out of school, alpine carving is going to be my second priority after job, and i will learn to film:)

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Well get a strong server and be ready to pay for the bandwidth :)

Otherwise its not so difficult to host vids! We get an average 100 GB download /month over the year, but am sure that with more clips you can reach easily 200 gb/month! Finding a cheap host in those conditions tends to get tacky!

But would be nice indeed! :)


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Guest stoked

huhu I guess so ~ fortunately there aren't that many visitors now at stoked.at but for the upcoming season when the site will be ready (or maybe even sooner) I would be happy to host your clips!



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