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Donek 162 SL

Mike T

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Donek 162 SL - Model 01 smith sla.

$175 + shipping from 97701

Length: 162

Edge Length: 146

Waist: 20

Taper: none

Sidecut: 9

Stiffness: 7.0

This board was too stiff for me last season, at 195 pounds. Actually it was quite fun for practicing SL technique on softer snow but it kicked my @$$ on icy courses. I recommend this for someone who is over 200 pounds and aggressive.

The label doesn't say so but I am 90% sure this is Olympic construction. I've ridden other Donek Olympics and it shares ride characteristics with them.

Edges and base are both in good but not great condition. Board has storage wax, so can't really see the base... there are a few ptex repairs and other scratches, nothing too bad. This was in fact one of Adam Smith's decks, and I believe it was used in competition. So it's seen some good use. The base and edges should be restored to very good to excellent condition with a competent shop tune. Plenty of snap left. IMHO a good deal at my asking price.

If desired, I can take it to Race Place here in Bend for a tune before shipping it... buyer pays actual cost. Last year they were charging me $50 for a grind, edges and wax. Not sure if their prices went up this year.




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