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Crystal Mountain pass


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I'm down in Pinckney again for this season, or maybe up around Crystal if i find work up there for the winter. I'm sure I will be hittin up Crystal a lot this season, I should probably invest in a season pass, but right now I can't really afford one, so we will see. I made it up to Bohemia once last winter, and it was brutal. I'll have to pick my days better if i go back.

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They're definitely well used, but they should hold up just find. One of the heel bails is a little bent up. It kinda looks like the lobe is at a different angle (in relation to it's axis) but only ever so slightly. It still operates fine as far as I can tell.

Here's a pic.


I think 20 bucks should do it.

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I got in on the season pass thing too. So hopefully I'll be the most consistent weekend warrior of all of them, and maybe some extra days too. Pebu if you're willing to hold on to those until i get up to Crystal I'll take them. I need an extra set of bindings. Clebner same goes to you, spare parts are always a plus.

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I have some wicked long boots, any chance you know how far they will stretch? I don't think i can pass up $20 either way, but it would be nice to know they will work. Why is it you want to get rid of them?

I'll see if I can break them out tonight and measure them up. I've got size 26 boots and the bail blocks were in so tight that I can't get the disks out without taking off one of the blocks. I'm looking to get rid of them because they came on my first alpine board and since then I got performance SIs and physics SIs.

I'm with cleb in that they're not exactly the most reliable binding system out there. They take some playing with to get them to fit just right so they'll both snap all the way closed but at the same time not be too lose. But once you get to that point I think they're for the most part halfway decent bindings.

I'm gonna be trying to make it up to crystal every saturday and sunday morning. My brothers wife works saturday so it'll be easier to get him along as well. I know it's kind of early to ask, but anybody know when they're planning on opening up?

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