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  1. It launched me out a little off camber, but still works great!
  2. The snow was fast and firm on Friday. Saturday morning was really nice too! Got to ride with a couple others and sold a Donek to an up and comer. Overall a fantastic end of season adventure!
  3. Next Saturday is the last day of the season. I was there Friday and was surprised how good the conditions were. I am planning on ending my season there next weekend Friday and Saturday. Hopefully the snow will hold up till then!
  4. Just before the spray. Thirst Superconductor March 3 at Crystal Mountain in Michigan
  5. Trenchman

    Nubs Nob

    Headed to Nubs tomorrow, they had over 3 feet of fresh snow this week, should be great. Lift tickets are not limited so no worries about being sold out. Hope to hit Nubs up again in March if there is any interest pick a day or weekend and let’s take over the hill.
  6. Whatever happened to hot rod race wax? This stuff was fast and durable, but has not been available for a long while. I still have a small sliver of the plum but would love to be able to find more. Who’s holding?
  7. I saw it at 2 minutes. payment sent.
  8. I’ll take em, pm coming
  9. Got my new Superconductor from Mark finally, can’t wait to mutilate some runs with it!
  10. 2nd in line if jon backs out.
  11. I can confirm this, Kurt’s wife was a little put off by him being called the beautiful one!
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