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Burton Race bindings and mogul board wanted


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I'm looking for Burton Race bindings with the metal, not plastic down below.

Also, I need (that's right need) a replacement mogul board. I've been riding a Burton Twin in the bumps for years. So many years that I've beat the camber right out of it. It's short (158) and flexy (boy is it flexy after 13 years), both of which I have come to appreciate in the bumps. I recently bought an E Deck (I can hear the groans already - hey, it's in new condition and was only $50), so I think I'm set for Burton boards that are more than 10 years old. I'm 5'8" and 180lbs, although I should weigh 165 (and there's an outside chance I'll be back to fighting weight by winter, but I wouldn't bet on it). I ride the whole mountain (well, not the park), but moguls are my true love and I would love to hear recommendations on what boards I should be looking at.

Do you have a flexy pair of hard boots, size 27-27.5 you want to get rid of? I'd like to talk to you about those too.

I'm on a teacher salary, so that precludes expensive gear. No, you're not going to get rich off me. Yeah, my wife's a little bummed about that too.

Come on, you know you need to raise some money for another board before snow sets in. You've got all that gear in the garage that you never ride - cut me a deal, you get some cash and we're both happy.


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Been riding Burton Ultraprimes in the bumps since the 2nd year they were out. My favorite board. I'm using raichle 123's which give me enough forward flex to take the bump out of bumps, and have a new pair of the boots. Seems as though I collected enough pairs to last past my snowboarding life-span, and I do believe that I'm giving up my Minnesota boarding years. Anyway if any interest drop a line.

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