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check out the rnc home page - POLITICAL


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and then the dnc home page

the republicans are complaining about obama being popular having a rockstar status but yet when you go to the REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE homepage mentions obama's name more than their own canidates! on the home page Obama is mentioned four times and biden is once. Johnboy M is mentioned just once.


for a group of people that whines about their guy not getting enough air time they ought to start fixing it with their own committee's website.

now go to the democrats side of the fence http://www.democrats.org/

this is not a policy discussion, just interested in the differing tactics of the parties trying get elected.

seems like the republicans really can't shut up about obama and get upset when no one else does either.

the democrats on the other hand come off the same way they usually do and that's weak.

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Where's Big John when we need him

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