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Coiler AM177, Suzuka 27 w/intec, TD2 Stepin


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I er..uh...errrr....overextended my credit and Im feelin the effects right now, so this stuff might have to go:

Coiler AM177 (21.5 waist, 7.9 stiffness), used but in excellent condition. Some P-Tex in base, nothing major whatsoever. Camber is minimal but still there. Edges are clean. Could maybe use a base grind.

Deeluxe Suzuka M27. Stock deeluxe liners with the moldable heel. Ridden TWO DAYS. Essentially perfect. Intec heels installed

Bomber TD2 Stepins. Again, two days. As close to new as it gets, except there is some wear in the heel pieces from gettin in and out.

as for now, taking offers on this stuff. See where it gets me. I figure next season I can re-up once Im out from under some debt.

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I was hoping to get some offers

since they are so close to new, I dont want to take any significant loss on them which I think is fair.

Im actually more interested in selling the board first if possible...but I guess thats not really up to me:)

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Hey D-Sub didn't we run into each other at mammoth off of 22? If not your stuff is identical a fellow carver I briefly spoke with on the hill. I had Indys and the renn tiger. Anyway I may be interested in the board and bindings. Post me back. GC

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you the dude I talked to off chair 25? I was havin a fckin HARD time that day!

went and narrowed the stance a little from 20.5 to 19.5. Made a huge difference

nothing wrong with any of the gear of course...re: the board, I just realize that Id rather have a full carver...just feels more right to me

anyway, yeah that was me. I was hoping to see you again when I felt a little better, but I never really got comfortable on that setup!



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alright, set prices:

Coiler AM177 $300 shipped (will wax before shipping)

Deeluxe Suzuka w/intec $340 shipped. $300 shipped w/o intec heels.

TD2 bindings $240 shipped (3deg front and back, soft rings)

close to new prices, yes. close to new gear!

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