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Concave Base

Guest OCD

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I am concerned about one of my boards, which I've just discovered, has a concave base. I took it to a shop recently hoping that I could watch the tech tune my board before I started at home. I didn't even consider any base issues because I bought it recently and thought base change may only happen later on down the road.

When we looked at it using a true bar there was a significant amount of light showing through. He said that a lot of material would have to be removed to get the base flat. I'm a little unsure of what to do. It did look like a lot of material would have to go in order to get an accurate base bevel but I don't have the experience to judge.

I've looked through past threads but haven't seen anything quite this specific. Any thoughts?

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I had an RT (SL168) that was railed too...never was sure if it came that way (one Ski tech said it did, but I don't think that he ever saw a race board, and didn't want to risk doing something stupid) or got that way. Nevertheless, It rode awesome on edge. ..

not sure why I sold that one...


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Guest AlpentalRider

Straight from a tuning guide:

"The base should not be concave, or “railed”, with the edges higher than the base. A concave base or railed edges encourages the equipment to run straight and impairs the turning ability of the equipment. Although, a slight concave base may provide some riders with quicker contact for turning and some added stability.

Conversely, the bases should not be convex. A Convex bases (base is higher than the edges) will cause your equipment to wander and make it difficult to put them on edge or grip on the snow.


So if it isn't real bad, or you don't notice a significant issue in turning the board I wouldn't worry about it. My guess would be you would really only notice it if you do alot of cruising, but my guess is you'll be on edge 90% of the time :D

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Thanks for the input. I've not had any issues riding the board, it's been great. What about the base bevel, do I leave it and focus on the side edges? Guess I'll just have to live with it and make sure that when buying a board over the net, the guy on the end uses a true bar before sending me anything.

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