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Needham Slalom


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yeah the Fullbag team is coming down from Canada too. Honestly I can't wait just because it's such fun thing to do. I don't have any major slalom type hills here but a bunch of gradual hills that are good for cones.

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There is an active slalom group on the NW. . Check out http://www.ncdsa.com/contests.asp for some upcoming events. Most people into skateboard slalom are willing to help out new riders. Go to a local race or practice, introduce your self ask a few questions and give it a try. If it is a big race you may be able to make some contacts and get wired into the local scene. I will be going out for a race July 6,7,8 in Hood River.

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looks fun, if they have something like that locally ever I will have to give it a go. I think I have a board I could do a tight slalom on... :eplus2: ...I just like to ride for fun though, not sure if I'd want to do this more than once.

I gotta try sometime

yes well you have Maryhill which I would trade for slalom (though very fun) any day.

Andrew no rush it's not like I'm flying out any time in the immediate future (knock on wood)

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yeah thats me at the bottom of the ramp with Fullbag shirt and the Dalmation print PD's

sweet !

did ya see this one ?

Somebody's dad has a Ferrari :biggthump

Karl F and "Weasel" Werner both have a great attitude

where's Gilmour ? :cool:

edit: found it


WAY TO GO KARL !!! :biggthump

Result ASS AM Tight

1 Frank Beste 12,087

2 Holger Kindler 12,278

3 Oliver Otten 12,532

4 Karl Floitgraf 12,902

Results AM Special

1 Holger Kindler 11,873

2 Frank Beste 12,120

3 Karl Floitgraf 12,238


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