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READ! if you've cracked a hardboot shell...


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I break hardboots... usually mid-season, and always the left one... So I am posting this in a desperate attempt to make regular riding boot breakers read it and possibly sell me ONE uncompromised hardboot-- left, 28-29 mondo. Yes, i will be buying new, but I have become convinced there is room for a back up. So fetch those things from the trash or trophy room and give me a shout. JT

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Hey JT,

I always break my right one and I am regular so you must be goofy. I have two different shells of left foot Burton Reactor in the 27.5-29 size. I would be happy to part with them for shipping if nothing else. No liners.

Desparately accumulating parts for my Fire's that they no longer make. I always crack the tongues oh -well.

So far I have posted to this forum several times and no one has responded so I don't know if I am doing something wrong.

my e:



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