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I've got a standard (non step in) set of TD1s. I'd like to get a set of TD2 step ins, interchange 1 from each set so that I have 2 set of step ins.

I already do this with the TD1s. One thing I noticed with the TD1s was that the step-in has a higher sole block compared with the non step in, so I added a bit of lift on my front regular binding to even out the height. How does the height compare on the TD2 step ins? Any idea if the combination I'm talking about would work ok?


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I use to run TD1's std in front and step-ins in rear. Bomber used to sell a stack or lifter block for the TD1 std to make the height closer to a step-in.

IMO - you might be better off to replicate as above to keep the mounting systems and "feel" similar. But that is just my opinion. Someone is bound to say they are doing what you want to and it works for them. If you want the TD2's then get them and mount them on your #1 board or your ice board if you are looking to take advantage of the elastomer rings or cant/lift options.

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