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SES 04' UPDATE: Latest news from Fin


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Latest Update on the 04’ Summit Expression Session

OK, lots of good new information on the SES and from the sign-up and talking to people we are going to have a great showing this year!

Snowboard Journal has also informed us they will be attending a few of the days at Aspen to possibly do a piece on the alpine world! This is big news folks, so let’s put a good show on for them. Also, we have been told that surf legends Mike Doyle and Joey Cabell will be joining us for some days in Aspen.

Extreme Carve: Two of the head honchos from Extreme Carve are also going to be joining us at Aspen. Patrice and Nils are coming all the way from Switzerland to show us how they do it EC style!

We should also be seeing some world cup racers joining us here on the Summit side. Lisa Kosglow, Jeff Greenwood, Anton Pogue, and others say they are going to hook up with us Thursday and Friday.

New sponsors:

- Snowboard Journal is donating some issues and a free subscription at the raffle

- Dave Morgan with www.yyzcanuck.com is donating a keg at the Wednesday party

- Red Bull just sent us enough Red Bull to get the entire state of Colorado wired

Tuning clinic: Tim Mullen with Reliable Racing will be holding a tuning clinic at our open house party here in Silverthorne on Tuesday night. This guy can make an 86’ Safari carve like a champ! I’ll also have my famous “Binding Museum” set up and we’ll have the mill running so you can see how a TD2 is made.

Video: Bob Jenney has volunteered to take some video during the session and give us a rough cut for the big party on Friday. Anyone who takes video and would like to “donate” the footage to the cause please talk to Bob at the SES.

Demo fleet is looking good! Looks like we’ll have TD2 bindings, Donek/Prior/Swoard/Coiler snowboards, and Raichle boots for demo.

More to come and cannot wait to see everyone in town again!

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