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Hey all!


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I just wanted to say Hi. Ive been checking out this board for sometime now. Just recently joined. Ive been ride for.... well forever. Used to live in Ma. Taught at a couple of mt. up there rode an alpine board for about 10 years got away from (alpine) and now Im back, even rode in the green mt series (if its even called that anymore?). This forum is great! Im currently living in NY. I look foward to reading and contributing to this board.

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I dont know Al i did teach with a guy namesd John he was kinda short rode like a 147 burton. I fortget what his name was. I think he was also a school teacher. This is going back atleast 9 or 10 years ago.

Oh and I meant to say "I used to live in Littleton and Acton" in my previous post

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