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162 Hot Shine Freecarver - $125


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Still Available, specs below from the orignal shaper at HOT.


142 cm : edge length

20,4 cm : waist width

26cm : nose width

25,6 cm : tail width

9,0 m : radius

15,4 cm : nose length

6 cm : tail length

Inserts : 42-46-50, in 4x2 packs

Rider’s weight : 60 – 90 Kg recommended

Board estimate weight : 3280 Kg

Base : 2000 Ptex

Woodcore : horzontal woodcore in Midflex Carbon profile. Sandwich construction. Fiberglass : 720 gr x 200 gr.

Top Sheet : White printed with 4C colors ABS.

Nose and tail alu protectors.

Sidewalls : white

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Board is in near new shape. No material scratches on the base or topsheet. Inserts are perfect. Edges could use a sharpen & polish, but there is no edge damage. When I run a true bar on the base, the board is very slightly edge high. Not enough to need a grind, but a base edge file would be good.

Pic attached.


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I just shipped a board to Hudson, WI and it cost about $25. I'd guess that shipping to Michigan would be the same.

Price is $125 + shipping, so about $150. If you want it, call it $150 shipped. If the shipping cost is more, I'll eat it, if it's less, I'll tuck the difference to the nearest $1 in the box.


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