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Where to EC in Aspen


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Wondering for those who know Aspen area, where are the best slopes are to practice a litte EC/ Eurocarve/ Eating snow carve, ie well groomed (so not to dislocate shoulders :rolleyes: ), relatively steep (less distance to the snow :D ) and very WIDE (I'm still a big beginner when it comes to that part of the sport ;) ).

Thanks for all replies.

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Other good slopes for EC carving are in Aspen mountain, under Ruthies and Shadow lifts (on right side, if you look up to slopes): nice wide and deeply dropping slopes, which are relatively empty. Best would be to take first runs there by taking Shadow mountain lift instead of gondola on morning, this allows to get faster to runs and allows 1-2 rides before folks from gondola appear there. Unfortunately as I were there, base was too soft (thanks to 20+ '' of new snow) and these runs got bumped up fast (in 2 hours), after that carving was very challenging (although lower slopes under Shadow lift were with firmer base).

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