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Big Feet into Hard Boots

Guest ede

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Hey guys..

Sorry if this question has been asked several times in the past, but...

I wear size 14 Burton Moto SIs... I carve as well as I can with these stiff, yet softboots.

Any chance at me finding some alpine gear to fit these mutant paws?

I _do_ have some size 13 Salomon Ski boots that fit rather well... I believe I've read a few threads on the possibility of using a ski boot for an alpine board... I suppose one of the problems is the over exagerated toes. I'd have a hard enough time getting my feet out of the snow with out an extra inch or so sticking out of the front of my boot.

Any suggestions?


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It took me a while, but last year I eventually found a new pair of year 2001 Burton boots at a shop at Stratton to fit my 14s into...they gave me a great deal, because they would probably never had sold them, keep calling all the shops you can find and asking them...

You can try contacting the Bomber folks, they may (or may not) have an inside track on big boots.

Not to take business away from Bomber...but there is also a European shop called Blue Tomato or Hot Tomato or something like that, that seemed to have a selection for larger feet. Someone here problably knows the website.

There was also a guy who winters in Canada that sells UPS boots and some other gear on the web, but I can't remember his name or site...

The Starting Gate in Vermont may have something, www.startinggate.net I think.

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Go to the starting Gate ski shop in Vermont. Its about 5 miles down the road from stratton. They fit my size 13 1/2 snowshoes into a pair of monopoint size 28's comfortably. They're fitting is amazing, but you will pay for it. My boots came with fitting included in the price, at the low low one time fee of $600. They carry Raichle/Deeluxe, head, and I think they carry some other brand too. www.startingate.net



Trichomes pictures

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Have you measured your feet in centimeters? When I rode soft boots, my first pair of boots was Burton Moto size US15. However, I am in a mondo 30 shell with no problems at all. If your feet are wide as well as long go with UPS or Head boots - the Deluxe (Raichle) are more narrow.

A good boot fitter is worth the cost.

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dont worry, klug is one of the biggest guys i have ever seen on a board and he doesnt seem to have any problems.

if you have wide feet, get some UPS boots, as they were a lot more forgiving for me (size 13.5)

also I think that UPS boots have a smaller footprint than other boots because of how the back bail attaches to the boot (no long heel sticking out)

good luck, and you know what they say about guys with big feet... big bindings:D :D

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