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Thinking of getting a new one...


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Hi guys,

Im so happy i found that forum, in Quebec, hardboot snowboarders are pretty "rare". I've been on hardboot for a few years and now I'm thinking about getting another board and needed your advice.

I actually have 2 board

1 oxygen apx 54 (154)

My beater, took it for my first day and still is a fun board to mess around, as soon as i pick up too much speed it wont hold the carving ...

1 burton factory prime (i believe it is a factory prime! 164)

The burton is supposed to be the last year they were producing it and I kind of regret not getting the other model that was stiffer. Overall its a good board but i wanted to have a second one to throw away the beaten oxygen.

Current boots : Raichle Af600ts (old ones, cant remember the year before 2000) They are not that stiff but i like them, new ones would kill my wallet :P

Now.. The rider

6 foot

185 pounds

Im looking for a board midway through Carving and Racing, Its been a long time since I checked the alpine boards, but somehow I cant set my mind on one product. And the feedback on the boards on this site seems to be very very positive for all the boards (weird :P)

If some of you could help me find something that fits me I would be more than happy ;)

Hope you guys understood my poor english !

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Look at Donek Freecarve Series. Awesome boards. Also Axxess if you like slightly wider.

Look at Prior 4WD and WCR. Nice if you feel its important to support a Canadian company.

I'd suggest Coiler, the more local (to you) Canadian company, but their waiting list is so long that its not a practical suggestion if you want a board to use this season.

If you are on a tight budget, keep your eyes on the For Sale section after you narrow down your choices. If you are diligent, I suspect you'll see something that will work well before you have to buy chocolates for your valentine.

There are a bunch of folks from PQ on here. Maybe one has a board like what you are looking for that they'd be willing to let you try.

You owe me one Poutine in exchange for being the first to offer advice. Its a good thing they don't sell that stuff in CA or I'd be even fatter than I am.

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Bienvenu sur Bomber, nous sommes plusieurs de Montréal et Québec sur le forum.

I'm going to continue in English for everyone. I have not ridden lots of boards, but I can tell you that Coiler, Prior and Donek are the most respected boards here. F2, Volkl, Nidecker and Madd are also good from what I read.

You can get Prior at Sharks, Daniel Lachance and some other places, and also direct through the manufacturer (check their demo section, lots of good deals). Coiler and Donek are direct from the manufacturer. F2 can be gotten at YYZCANUCK. Sharks sells F2, Volkl and Nidecker. Everything new is around 700-800$CDN, so if it sound expensive, check the classifieds, lots of good stuff there.

You can also check my website for other shops.

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Thanks guys,

Yeah i went to sharks, i usually get my boards tuned there.. I think they are a bit expensive when you can get better on internet!

What do you think about Hot Blast ? I remember seing some of them for 600$ at sharks last year, looked slick.

I definitly need something stiffer than my burton (unless i dont remember how stiff it is :P) What makes me cry is that this board was so $$$$ and that the topsheet is like a vynil finish... It got scracthes all over the place because de cover is so smooth and easy to scracth :(

Good to hear that they are some hardbooters in my region, although I had seen the section for QC :D

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What do you think about Hot Blast ? I remember seing some of them for 600$ at sharks last year, looked slick.

I ride a Blast 160 (slalom board), it's snappy and evil quick on the turns (8.9m radius will tend to do that). I love it, but if you're after something a bit "calmer" the Hot / Hammer GS boards are pretty nice, too.

I can't compare to the more exotic gear being touted here, but I certainly prefer the Hot to all the F2 boards I've ridden (Silberpfeil, Speedster) and vastly more than the FP, although that latter is not a fair comparison, the FP I rode was "ridden out" and my Blast was next-to-new.


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Actually there is quite a lot of carvers in MTL area, not much snow and carving-friendly trails though... :angryfire

Hot Blast is a fun generator... however, you actually have to do some work while riding it...

Coilers, Doneks with WCC are like tuned Cadillacs, super stable and super damp at any speed, and they are just as expensive as any other brand new board out there... There is plenty of FPs and other more than decent used boards in classifieds and on eBay... I can get you in touch with a guy who has a very nice 17%-sh Proton for about 200$ shipped...

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