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Stance Width?


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Alright, so 'i have been on hardboots since I was 10, Now I am 16. Ever since putting on my first pair of boots and strapping into my board I have always used the narrowest width possible for my stance. It has NEVER changed. I used to be 5' now I am 6'2. I have gotten good at racing with my Odd-Duck stance and someday would like to pursue a career in it. Between discussions with my coach and other riders I am trying to decide if I should transition to a wider stance since I am so much taller. If I have riden with a very narrow stance and matured this way into a sound racer should I fittle with my stance in any Way? Is it going make that much difference? Is it worth it? Please, I am open to suggestions.:smashfrea

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It's ALWAYS worth experimenting, especially if you want to be a sucessful racer. What is your stance width now? I'm 6'3" and use 48cm for slalom and 50cm for GS. It somewhat depends on your cant and/or lift settings too. I used to use a 16"-17" stance about 10 years ago (I was 6'3" then too) but now I'm at around 19.5" (49cm approx.). Wider stance generally means more stability but it is only part of the overall equation of boot stiffness-binding angles and canting/lift-board width and type-rider style- and discipline (SL or GS).

Also, find the edge contact center point (not the overall board length center point) and mark it on the deck - find the center point of your stance width and start by having that stance width center point about 2cm behind (known as 2cm "setback") the edge contact center point marked on the board.

You'll nedd to put the board on a totally flat surface like a big table to determine the edge contact points front and back (mark 'em on the sidewall with a sharpie) so you can measure that length and then divide by two to find the exact middle of the edge contact length.

Grab a wrench/driver (don't ride with it in your pocket where it can stab you in a fall though) and spend a day on the hill experimenting - and immediately write down in detail what you learn with each setting and what the setup was so you can repeat it. Otherwise you will be wasting your time.

I'd start with that 48-50cm stance width (binding disc center to disc center) and 2cm setback from edge contact center point...it will feel weird at first but give it time. Keep in mind this can all vary in different snow conditions and with different board designs/lengths too! ALWAYS be looking for that little edge until you know you are dialed...heck, you may even decide, and prove, that you are fastest with your current setup - but you'll never know unless you try!

Good luck! :biggthump

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That "sweet spot" is usually a 2-4cm setback on most carving/racing boards. But I've seen insert centers further back than that and further forward than that. I gave him the 2cm setback only as a starting point - experimentation will always give you the best feedback as to what works best for you. I've been riding for 20+ years and I am always still tweaking and trying new things...but NOT on race day! ;)

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Measure what you are using now. Then start increasing it by 1/2 to one inch at a time. See what you like. You may find you want some front toe and rear heel lift as you widen out. I went from 18 to 19.5in a couple years ago based on BOL suggestions and I like it a lot. I'm around the same width on all but my shortest board. I keep a small tape measure in my board tool box.

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It's all preferance, here are some examples of accomplished riders stance widths:

Graham Wantanabe- 5' 8" (maybe even 5' 7") rides a 20.5" wide stance

Tim Heinel- 5' 9" rides a 19" wide stance

Myself- 5' 10" I ride a 19.5 wide stance

Garrett Sorteberg- 5' 8" 19.5 wide stance

Josh Banks- 6' 0" rides a 20.5 wide stance

Billy Bordy- 5' 9" (maybe 5' 8", but I'll give him the benifit) 19.75 wide stance

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