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Jon Dahl

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I'll be the guy with the HUGE blood clot in his right eye. My cat got me, just got back from the ER, went thru a half roll of TP sopping up the blood before it stopped :eek: Seriously though, short guy, red helmet, yellow jacket, black pants, I'll be on a short Coiler with orange flames. Might be a powder day:


My cat doesnt know how close he came to being a thai dish. :nono:

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Guest thomas_m
They seem to have the best coverage in Wa. right now, more snow this week :biggthump Gonna be there thur-sat with the clan, yeehaa!

No, I think that would be Baker, same as always...

Even so, I'm likely to be at Stevens on Friday too. Trying to hit Baker but don't know if I'll have the time.


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Looks like I'm in for Friday. Black helmet, yellow/black Columbia jacket, probably in my Dynafit boots on a short F2 am board. Or the 173 volkl RT. Or on my splitboard, if there is more snow. Too many choices! Maybe plan to meet at the Skyline chair at 9am?

9am: I'll shoot for that, but with 3 kids it can be tough to get them up, ready, all that stuff. not sure what I'll be riding now, but it will have TD2's on it.

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I'll hang at Skyline for a run or so if you aren't there, then I'll do a few laps off of Hogsback chair. All bets are off if it's a pow day!!

Hey Jon, how was it on friday? We had a pretty good light pow day thursday. Got there a little late on friday morning, was really crowded and didn't seemed like it snow much, so democracy prevailed and rather then spend 250 bucks, we went and had a nice meal and went shopping. :sleep:

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Well, I wondered why I didn't find you! The morning wasn't too bad, 'till about 11ish, then the lift lines started to become a pain, 8-10 minutes. Then it started to snow a little more seriously. The F2 sucked off piste, then I knocked the toe bail bumper off of my rear foot toe bail. Never will figure out how I pulled that one off! Rode on anyway! I stayed out 'till 145 then called it quits. Had to go to REI to buy my new beacon. Tracker for $229? Done! Add a new probe to that? Done x 2! I do wish I had brought a long stick to ride though, I woulda stayed longer with all that new stuff on the ground! Woke up this morning with an inch of new at my house, now I am REALLY stoked! P.S. met a guy from Anacortes (half hour from my house)can't pull his name outa my brain right now, on a Burton with plates who just started to hang out on Bomber, shout out here and let us know!

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