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Intecs w/F2 toe bail


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Will Intec heels work with F2 Race Titaniums (toe bail)? I guess my question would be: is there any problem with the intec pins hanging up on the heel block anywhere?

(And don't say that intecs will work with any type of standard (toe bail) plate...I found out the hard way that it is NOT the case :nono: )


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SnowPro is a problem if I recall. Their step-in system is FAST. The pins are in the binding, not the heel so... the standard (bail) version doesn't take that into consideration. It has a very narrow heel bail holder that can interfere with the pins of the INTEC heel.


Thanks for the feedback Dave!

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...what are your opinions on the Snowpro standard bail bindings? Are there going to be any durability issues for a somewhat aggressive, intermidiate 150 pound carver? I'm running TD2 step-ins and I was thinking about just trying something different. I see I would have to remove my Intec heels if I do go with the Snowpros, eh?

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I am just thinking out loud here. If you boots wont go into the standard bail binding because the pins are in the way, Maybe you can pull the release cable and retract the pins while putting the boot into the binding. After the boot is locked in, you should be able to release the Pin cable and the pins will stick out only as far as what they would interfere with. Perhaps you can make some kind of clip that slips onto the pins kinda like a spur for cowboy boots to keep the pins retracted.

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