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My first day in hard boots

Scotty Pumpkins

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well, its been a few weeks now since i discovered this site, and the things ive learned have been invaluable! I finally made my first turns in a hard boot set up yesterday, and i must say, although i consider myself a pretty accomplished snowboarder in softies, this was very different. By the end of the dayi felt way more comfortable on my set up. However, my shoulder felt way more uncomfortable after i bit it pretty hard. I cant even put a shirt on without wanting to hit the ceiling. This is just a minor setback though, and i must confess, this is pretty awesome!!


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From the "what it's worth" category...I find that the faster you go the softer (in general:D) you fall! It's like comparing the old skipping stone to the falling pancake! With a few exceptions, my most bone crushing falls have occurred at slower speeds. When you're railing up on edge usually the worse that happens is that you lose that edge and go into a nice controlled skid not unsimilar to sliding into home plate. All the more reason to go like hell!

Good luck and in the immortal words of my dear Mother....."For God's sake be careful"! ;)


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I'm from the South Central part of the great state of New Yawk, Elmira to be precise. We usually hang at Greek Peak, a small but enjoyable hill with a $199.00 season pass replete with night skiing for your mid week fix after work! We're a pretty good haul from any big mountains but we manage to get out of town on occasion. Besides...sometimes it's fun being the big fish in the little pond!:D When I go to K Town I revert back to Joe Average at best!:(

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