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  1. Used F Plate for Sale: $300 plus shipping Used one season, so there are marks from the bindings, but otherwise it's in great condition! Hardware included. Shipping from Colorado
  2. I'm looking for an SG 163 slalom full race Titan or Pro board in solid condition - standard waist size, with plate insert. Needing it to have plenty of edge life and no base gauges. And preferably ridden one season or less. Please let me know if you have one or know of someone who does! Thank you!
  3. Hi If you have a Donek you don't need additional holes. Here's a pic of the board it came off so you can see the pattern.
  4. This is a used Donek REV 163 alpine board. The base is in great condition. Zero scrapes or gauges. The board has plenty of edge life as well as stiffness. The top sheet has some damage - pictured. The top sheet has marks from the F Plate (which is also available) Shipping from Colorado $200 plus shipping
  5. Used F-Plate for sale Ridden 1 season. Typical marks from bindings and board, but it's got a lot of life left because plates don't wear out. Hardware included $300 Shipping from Colorado
  6. NVRmind, I see the waist is 22 - too wide for my son.
  7. Hi is the board still available? And it's 20.3cm waist, correct?
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