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  1. SG Full Race 170 Has few scratches on base after riding very thin layer at Steamboat. Edges are all there. one ding in toe side (I will add the photo tomorrow). This is one of most versatile boards. Hate to let go but got bitten by backcountry type of riding. https://imgur.com/aGDY0XS https://imgur.com/HjN2p15 https://imgur.com/dCRoo1N Still can't figure image inserting way in this new forum. SOLD F2 Race Titanium Bindings (Large) Should fit m26.5–m31.0 boots. 5.9 mm bails. Used few years. Center disc covers are missing. https://imgur.com/iKmhQni https://imgur.com/VWdGJ3q $170+Shipping at cost (probably USPS Priority Medium box) or trade for Medium or Small F2 Race Titanium Payment thru PayPal friends/family.
  2. SG Performance Bindings Used very little, Great condition, includes everything: all cants (2 thick, 6 thin) , mounting hardware, disk covers, heel pads, box etc. Although they share some similarities in looks, SG's feel more responsive and durable than F2's, they have a number of mechanical differences like spherical nut retention for the toe/heel blocks, removal access of the blocks from below (you don't have to move the blocks to get at the screws), machined center disks etc. They fit UPZ and Deeluxe. One size: fits "Large & Small" boots. The bails are ST- "Standard bails fitting standard Snowboard Boots." These wont work on "specialty snowboard boots including "Northwave Point" and some modified ski boots" (per bottom of box). You'll need different bail set for Mountain Slope 951. PM or RJNakata (art) aol (dart) com $340 shipped USA. Venmo, Paypal F&F or add for fees (Stock Photo)
  3. SG Full race 170 close to mint - 10 days in total on that board. asking 650 euro plus shipping.
  4. ALMOST new SG 185 ready to go. only three days on snow $800
  5. **Now $600 17/18 model 163 XT. New, $650. Shipping to US addresses only, will charge whatever the UPS rate is plus 3% PayPal fee. Thanks for looking.
  6. Hey, I'm trying to get myself up with a hardboot set up. I was gifted a Pogo Shaman, and just bought some used UPZ10's off ebay (oops). I was curious if anybody had some bindings they think would work well for me. I took the 185 out with a softboot set up and was horribly humbled by a sloppy powder day. I understand that i will be humbled again by this learning process, but was curious if you all had any suggestions/equipment that you think would help me on my path. Thanks!
  7. I'm looking for an SG 163 slalom full race Titan or Pro board in solid condition - standard waist size, with plate insert. Needing it to have plenty of edge life and no base gauges. And preferably ridden one season or less. Please let me know if you have one or know of someone who does! Thank you!
  8. 1 SG full race titan 163 cm used 10 hrs max like new 1 SG full race titan 180 cm used 15 hrs very good condition 2 vist plates available Great gear barely riden. Call me for more info price etc. 450-602-8700
  9. Hi, selling my SG full race 170. Got this one as warranty replacement in the end of season 16/17. until now it has less then 10 days on it. base never been ground, nor the edges seen the machine. here is some pics : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Wpqgegbw8qFaWg6D6iSZfDynb7nyQXUY asking 700 eur plus shipping
  10. slapos

    Sg Bindings

    Got SG bindings for sale. less then 10 days on snow. Got all the boxes, cant/lift sets. Got both bail sets for UPZ/Deeluxe and MS/NW boots. Ton of additional screws $290 plus shipping. slightly negotiable
  11. Saw the recent SG Line Up on the @i-carve.com Facebook page. New for this year: Soul 164XT Force 165 V17XT But, I think the best would be a Soul Surf Titan 164XT. Maybe next year...
  12. Now there's no "Bomber" whom we rightly had to respect, I think I can ask this question.... There are multiple variants of the standard F2 binding out there, but has anyone any reviews/ experience/ comparative information on them? I like to avoid riding stuff which is more than a decade old, so I ought to buy some more bindings and I'm wondering which will work best. The ones I know of are: Standard F2 Titanium bindings, same as I've used for the last 20 years and which work flawlessly for me. They come in two sizes of which I use the smaller. You can get blue anodized ones thi season, it seems, as well as the standard black. The CNC version of the above. These are pretty and maybe I should get some to put on my bookshelves, but they're not commonly used in races I think so perhaps they have "stiffness" problems as per some other machined bindings. They're likely heavier and more expensive than (1). The Virus "Power Lock" stuff... they look similar in principle to the F2, but apparently are "machined from a solid block" of whatever so perhaps are stiffer? I'm not really looking for that, and I'm kind of suspicious of Virus as they make those extremely narrow boards which isn't my thing. These come with a baseplate - is that mandatory? How high does that put the boot over the board? I kind of like simple and low, hence F2 Ti Race not F2 Titanflex. Kessler's F2 variant. These have white handles and no step-in variant, but otherwise look like stock F2 bindings. Is that what they are? These come in 3 sizes, suggesting they're not just a re-brand of the F2s. Are there any more, perhaps South-East Asian variants I should look at? I'm just interested in any actual users of these and similar bindings... what are the main characteristics and what do I need to know which isn't obvious?....
  13. Fresh SG Cult '59 all Mountain directional. '15-16 season I'm guessing. Served as a hard boot transitional board for my wife, has 15-20 days on it very clean topsheet, base, edges all 9.5, never tuned or ground. Comes with SG padded sleeve. $450 shipping not incl., lower 48 only.
  14. So kind of a sad day, I've decided to finally pull the trigger on a custom Oxess, which essentially means I've got a handful of boards and not enough legs nor monies. So the plan was to wait until 2020 to buy the Oxess and to put a Vistflex plate on it. But @pokkis decided to ruin that plan by selling me his Vistflex plate. So I blame him for this. Jokes, he is a legend, thanks again. I'm home this week, so I figured I'd get the photos done. I'm selling both the new items for significantly less than I spent, but hey, that's life, and I think the Coiler is a nice price for whoever wants it. I'll be donating $10 from each sale to ASB. 1. Coiler Nirvana VCam 178cm. Titanal construction. Matte black carbonium topsheet. 19cm waist. 12-14m VSR sidecut radius. 16mm taper. Made for a 180lbs rider. Ridden exactly 20 days. Topsheet 8/10 (some little lift line nicks), base 9/10 (because not new, although can't see any imperfections), edges 10/10 never been touched and not dinged. Been stored with storage wax on the base, upright in a dry place and very little surface rust that I can see. I bought it new from Bruce and it rides exactly as you would expect. Sells new for CAD930, asking $450. SOLD. 2. Brand New SG Full Carve 170. Took delivery of this earlier in the year. Never ridden. Never even had bindings mounted. I did, however, stick that Apex sticker on because I thought I was cool doing so. I can easily remove that. After I rode my friend's one for a couple of runs this year, I just had to have one. I would say it compares favourably to my Kessler 168 (and that's saying a lot). So, I bought one. And now, I sell one ?. Sells new for EUR689, asking $550. SOLD. 3. Brand New Apex X Plate 4x4. Apparently this is a stiffer than usual version. I can actually somewhat flex it with my hands, so I'm not 100% sure what the regular plate is like, but I'm guessing this is stiffer. It comes with 8 bumpers instead of the regular 4. Comes with everything I got with it. Instruction manual, 4mm hex key, 10mm and 12mm bolts and obviously all necessary mounting hardware. Bought this because I have an Apex Race V2 and Geckos and love them both. So, why not eh? Sells new for CAD1200, asking $650. SOLD. Shipping is $50 for the boards and $30 for the plate. Add apx $0-$10 for shipping to Canada depending on location. FULL DISCLOSURE: If there is interest for this stuff, I will pack them individually and ship them all to the US at once, once they are landed, I'll take payment for whoever buys them and they will be shipped individually to whoever wants them. Payment only to be sent once the boards are in the US and ready to be sent, not before. So if you are interested, let me know, and I can reserve you what you are interested in (no obligation to buy). Shipping to the US, takes 7 days and then it takes 1-7 days from there to you, depending on your location. MUG SHOTS: Coiler Nirvana VCam 178cm: Brand New SG Full Carve 170: Brand New Apex X Plate 4x4: Packed up and ready to go:
  15. I have two Oxess 163 SBX boards with 12m sidecuts. The boards are identical and were purchased directly from Oxess by me. The boards have two seasons on them but have been kept in great shape! They have been brushed, waxed, and scraped before every day that they have been used and they also have been hot boxed 6 times each. The bases are very fast and have had endless amounts of time put into each of them. The edges have been kept in pristine shape as well, they have a great amount of life remaining as you can see in the pictures below. I am looking to get $550 for the board on the left (due to a tiny edge ding) The board on the right is SOLD Please email or comment any/all questions that you may have! Austinleal at hotmail.com Thank you!
  16. These boards ride beautifully but are just a little soft for me. 185 SG Full Race. This has the older "boat-hull" nose. Base is clean, edges sharp and a lot remaining (I'd say 75% or more but I can measure). Some of these are not metal, I understand, but this has the metal layer clearly visible under the topsheet. Topsheet has scuffing and shallow scratches; nothing structural. I have the newer blunt nose version of this, which is stiffer and seems just right at about 210-220 lb. So I'd say this might be suitable for 150 - 185 lbs, but I'm pretty bad at estimating this and it depends on how you ride. I rode it first at 185 lbs and it felt fine. (I'm not sure if I ride harder now or am just heavier!). Great ice grip, very damp, silky ride (the way I like). $250 plus shipping. 185 Scott Strike. Nice shape, edges a little thinner than the SG (50-60% left maybe) but clean and sharp. 19 waist, 14 m radius, extremely friendly board, works great in almost anything, fantastic edge grip on ice, handles bad grooming/soft snow/bumps really well. Same weight range as the SG, I'd say. I think stance width plays a part here, too. I think this works better at around 20" versus 21.5" or 22" I rode on it last. One heinous base scar, maybe 4" long, sideways. It didn't penetrate p-tex and seems a little too shallow to fill. $175 plus shipping. SOLD 178 Oxygen Proton GS. This is the red topsheet one. 19 waist, maybe 13-14m scr. Very damp, excellent edge grip on ice or super firm, works beautifully until it gets soft and/or bumpy; then it's kind of a handful. This is the older flavor of metal ("Titanium") board. Edges maybe 60-70% left, base has superficial scuffs I consider just cosmetic, but a light base grind would remove them. Same weight range as the SG and Scott, and the same remark as for the Scott re stance width; wider stances like 21.5" seem to ride worse. (But maybe I was set up wrong.) Topsheet scuffed and some chips, nothing structural. $150 plus shipping. SOLD SOLD 171 Donek Metal FC. I got a great deal on this, but it's too soft. Probably best for 140 - 180 lbs (but again it depends on how you ride, and possibly stance width). 20 waist, 11-13m vsr. This is from 2014 year, I believe, and so has the slightly longer sidecut and squarer tail compared to the current metal FC. No base grinds, edges 100%, close to mint condition with the exception of a base gouge I got at Berkshire East hitting the one rock in the whole place. Could probably be filled, but pretty minor. There is ONE ISSUE with this board, and it could be a major one depending on your stance. One row of inserts for the front binding are messed up somehow. They're there, but an M6 screw won't thread in properly. This is unfortunately in the second-from-inner row, so affects two of the 4 x 4 positions for the front binding. To avoid this, you'd need to use the outermost binding location, or use a plate (4 x 4 or UPM; the board has UPM inserts). This issue is why I got a good deal on the board. It doesn't affect me, as I ride 22.5" - 23.5" when I can get away with it. I do have a plate I'd consider selling with the board. $375 + shipping. SOLD
  17. Hi! Cleaning out the garage... time to sell various equipment! Prices & descriptions listed below. All prices in USD and exclude shipping & related costs (shipped from Whistler, Canada). Preference is to sell board & plate as package - this equipment was designed to ride together, and this gives you a chance to save on shipping. I'll cut a deal for purchases of more than 1 item. Ryan Kessler 185cm GS Board - $300 + Shipping Board is from 2011, and saw regular use (10-30 days/season) from 2011-2013. Since then it's been stored safely. I was the only owner of this board. This snowboard was considered the baseline flex pattern used by Canada Snowboard at the time, and is the same profile as Jasey's 2010 board. Board has UPM/Apex inserts, as well as a 4-hole pattern under the topsheet. Kessler 162cm SL Board - $400 + Shipping Board is from 2012, and saw regular use (10-30 days/season) from 2012-2013. Since then it's been stored safely. I was the second owner of this board, having purchased it from Matt Morison in excellent condition (only a partial season of use from him). Board has UPM/Apex inserts, as well as a 4-hole pattern. Vist Plate - $200 + Shipping Selling a vist plate from 2010-2011ish? This is one of their older models that splits down the middle (fits in your carry-on!). I fitted this plate with different screws, so no need to undo your bindings and remove 10 screws just to check/tighten your plate, only to have to reverse the process and then mount your bindings again... Just drop an allen key through the top plate holes, and you can tighten/remove the whole plate as pictured. The most convenient vist plate you've ever used! I may also have some extra sliding & locking hardware, so I can potentially toss those in as well. Apex V1 and V2 plates - $100 & $150 + Shipping I have 2x original V1 plate (as used by Jasey and the Canadian team in the lead-up and years following the Vancouver Olympics), as well as 1x V2 plate (shorter nose). These plates go great with the listed boards. This V2 plate is made with a balsa wood core, which is a bit lighter and stiffer than their usual plates. One of the V1 plates has a small hairline crack behind where the front binding was mounted (regular stance). I'm including some Lexan plates (stiff plastic sheets) that help distribute pressure and will prevent any future cracks. Quick note here - I only have two sets of UPM hardware available, but Apex sells individual sets and adapters to other mounting systems (Allflex, 4x4).
  18. hi all, boards looking for new home. SG Full Race - 163 pro team - bought it brand new in 2014. Came with Sigi signature. This year I had Justin Rieter sign it and Sylvain dufour during SG camp. Board is great shape - $400 plus shipping SG Full Race 170 - bought last season - 5 days on snow. sharpened once - $600 plus shipping Paypal possible, shipping worldwide. Forgot to add - boards are located in Poland
  19. **I hope to sell as a set (plate + snowboard) but i can sell separately. ALL SOLD!!! 1.) SG Full race titan 163cm 16-17' model year. This already has Allflex inserts. Snowboard itself retails for $1150. There are scuff marks from binding and plate system but the base is in great condition. Only used it for a season as I bought it in Nov 2016. Price: SOLD **Great price for gret product!! If you need more picutre, I can send it. 2.) SG Cult 159cm 16-17' model year. This can be used with either softboot or hardboot. I used it for pow days with my hardboot. It can carve on groomers and float in pow days. I only used for a day. It is in excellent condition Price: SOLD!! 3.) Kessler 162cm (not sure what the model year is). Comes with gecko plates. Waist width ~19.5cm. The top sheet has some wear and nose and tail has minor delamination but it doesnot affect the ride at all and the base is in great condition. Gecko plates include both red and orange (softer) bumpers. Price: SOLD!! (includes Gecko Plate) I can get you closer picture upon request for serious buyers. If it doesn't sell then I will just keep it.
  20. Been riding my beloved Burton Ultra Prime 162 (with Burton Wind hard boots & Burton Step-In plate bindings) since 2000 and finally ready to step up to modern gear. Looking at new or recent model Donek and SG boards but have seen nothing in the way of comparison reviews. In fact, I see nothing on SG boards anywhere. I'd love to get some feedback on both from anyone in the know. I am 175 lbs, 5'-10", goofy-foot, love to ride hard and fast, spend most time on east coast hard-pack & ice and have been riding alpine boards since 1995. Still boot shopping but ready to get a pair of TD3 Sidewinder SI's for the new set-up and considering anything from 162cm-175cm in one the following: Donek: Rev, Proteus or MK SG: Full Race Titan or Full Carve Thank you in advance to anyone with feedback, advice, etc! So ready to bite the bullet!
  21. Hi All, selling my pro team 163. owned since new. 30 days on this board over last three years, as it was used with 4 other boards in my quiver. plenty of edge life left. Board is signed by Sigi, Justin Rieter and Sylvain Dufour during last day of the season, a small rock has rolled under the board - it is visible in one of the pics - just a base gouge though. Asking - $380 plus shipping can ship world wide if buyer pay shipping
  22. Well. I am more and more realizing Mid Atlantic is not the area to enjoy alpine snowboarding over last few seasons. So, I decided to let go few decks that don't get to be ridden much. I rode them at least once a season. Price is firm unless you get two or more. PayPal gift please. From Right to Left: Original Sin 3800 168 - Avg. condition but who cares, it floats. The bindings are not included - SOLD Burton Supermodel 181 - Good/Excellent condition - SOLD F2 Silberpfeil 172 - Excellent condition - SOLD Pogo Impact 168 - Excellent condition -- SOLD Madd 170 w/ red wall - Chopped nose for modern look so about 167 or so. Avg. condition - Decided to keep it SG Full Race 163 - My go-to board regardless conditions. Base has many surgeries. Small area of edge were replaced. True rock board but still outperform most - SOLD Madd 158 w/ red wall - Avg. condition Decided to keep it (not pictured) F2 Race Titanium bindings - Large, 5.5 mm bails, 4 cant wedges + 1 heel/toe lift, Avg. condition. - SOLD Shipping is extra. I usually send it thru USPS Priority. From 20152, it usually runs $25-50 for CONUS. Once it is packed and weighted, I'll send you the invoice.
  23. Excellent Condition, Lightly Used Stock Kessler GS The Alpine No other board has won more medals or titles at international events than THE ALPINE. Snowboarding professionals around the world highly rate the steady edge grip and the control provided in all conditions due to the Kessler Shape Technology. THE ALPINE provides easy handling when competing and racing, as well as during freestyle carving on icy terrain. Feel at ease from the very first turn, no matter what level you are at. Ambitious carvers love the THE ALPINE! FEATURES Clothoid Sidecut Sandwich Titanal Construction optimized K.Tec BP woodcore ABS Sidewalls sintered Base P-Tex Topsheet Length: 185cm
  24. Very Lightly used, Apex V2 Carbon Race plate with hardwear (see pics) Very Good Condition, some light surface wear from normal use. 8.5/10 Comes with everything pictured. + installation manual No duties on USED goods from CANADA for US Buyer! Cheers! Would consider trades, I'm looking for: UPZ boots size US10 Mondo 27-27.5 , Apex Gecko Plates Here's a review of the plate found on internet: Apex Sport V2 Plate The next plate I tested on my Virus was the Apex V2 race plate. This plate is also very well made with a carbon fiber plate. The V2 no longer has the “duckbill” so it is now a bit lighter than the original. I assume that Apex put in a lot of testing to get the profile that they are producing. I say this because, unlike the stiffening rib of the SG, this plate had a contoured profile that got thinner just in front of the rear binding before gaining thickness again at the binding/axle area. The Apex hardware is a mix of an aluminum rear mount and a stainless steel front mount. Both are made for a 4×4 setup so mounting it to my Virus was easy. Again I chose the outer most mounting positions for the hardware and since the hardware is slotted I had to do a couple of “tests” to get the axle spacing correct before tightening down the screws. The axles themselves are stainless steel pins designed to receive a cotter pin to keep it in place. This was easy to do and once done I noticed that the plate would move side to side on the axles. This sideways movement wasn’t good, so I went back to the bags of mounting hardware and found a bag with a lot of extra washers. I ended up taking each axle out and adding washers to either side of the hardware to “tighten up” the tolerance of the plate to hardware interface. This did the trick but in my mind it wasn’t any sort of ideal design that is optimized. I would think that Apex would have tighter tolerances designed into the CNC program to “fit” the slots to the mounting hardware instead of having to use bunch of washers to “fix” the problem. Having all these washers stacked side by side also made the appearance look more “cobbled” together rather than the best plate money can buy. When I went out to test this new setup I was greeted with a much better feel for what the board was doing. From my first turn the V2 felt right. I don’t know if it is the hardware design, the axle spacing or the plate profile but this plate gave me a much better feel of what the board was doing than the SG plate did. The grip was incredible, the ride smoother and I felt the snow underfoot more than on the SG plate. I spent a couple days on this setup before making any changes since it was working so well. Rewind for a minute to the day I picked up the Apex V2 plate, Bola also sent me home with an SG Full Race Pro Team board to try out as well. So I mounted the SG up with the Apex V2 plate to see just what a top race setup is like. WOW! This was a big difference from my Virus which is very lively with its huge amount of camber compared to the nearly flat SG. The SG Full Race Pro Team is what some of the top racers, like Justin Reiter (silver medalist at the World Championship this year), are racing on. Well, this one got mounted with the Apex V2 plate and it was a very damp, fast ride that kept a grin on my face for quite a while. I liked this combination very much and had a difficult time bringing it all back to Bola and the shop. So, the SG plate is top notch and would probably work better for me with additional experimenting to get all the locations correct for my riding. It is easy to set up so making changes doesn’t take too long. The Apex V2 Race Plate is not as easy to set up with all the washers to mess with but the feel of this plate won me over. I would like to see Apex redesign the slotting to eliminate all the washers, which I think would be a fairly simple change to the CNC code. This would give it an even more “finished” look and possibly make it perform even better.
  25. So I bought this setup a few years ago I've ridden it all of about five days so pretty much new. I decided hard booting wasn't for me and have stuck to my SBX racing. I always thought I'd use it again but it's time to trade it in on a some new SBX race gear. I haven't taken a photo of the base as there's a layer of 7 still on there if anyone wants to come have a look I'm happy to scrap and brush it out. It's just got its factory grind. The bindings I don't no much about I just got them when I bought the board. I'm happy to sell them together or individually not asking for much I no there a few years old now I was thinking around the $750 USD mark for both or any offers individually. Hears a bit of a reference on me http://www.duncancampbell.nz/?m=0 Thanks please don't hesitate to ask any questions. And I'm based in Silverthorne CO if anyone wants to come have a look
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