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  1. I have a loaner 155 alpine board and bindings available in reno , you just have to figure out the boots James
  2. getting into the ms boots is a bit painful for me ( mildly high instep) once i'm in though i don't want anything else
  3. Mt rose is a great little hill with excellent grooming, covid protocol means lift lines are bad right now but typically non-existent on the weekdays. There's a season pass deal going on right now for $895 ski the rest of this season and all of next (no blackout dates)
  4. I was able to track this one that donek never released, it's fixed on one end and friction slider setup on the other.Ridden on a stock 185 kessler. Board feel isolation is close to the old donek f plate, there is a moderate smoothing of the bumps . Board flex is modified quite a bit, with also a substantial speed increase . Turns an already fast board into a rocket, challenging for sure.
  5. Can you comment on the feel ? whether it's isolated from the snow like the bomber plates?
  6. wtb an Apex X plate with allflex hardware. Thanks
  7. Board in good shape with minor scrapes . 26 nose, 21 waist , 25 tail ( approximately ) goofy asym core scr as i remember is 14/16 built for 170 lb. rider $ 275 shipped in the conus bindings not included
  8. Get better Ladia , thoughts and prayers for you
  9. Sold pending funds thanks for looking
  10. My riding impressions ... 1 shape seems old school , when it gets up on edge it’s immediately turning and FAST . 2. On toeside you can get away with diving hard into the nose 3 heelside wants you to shift your weight back a bit , there’s a weird but fun asym rhythm i had forgotten about .
  11. There are some faint scratches in the glossy topsheet , otherwise close to a 10 everywhere else . only thing i might do a swap for is a 180 + race shape with 4X4 and allflex inserts . james
  12. 23 cm X 19 cm X 23 cm board rides smaller than a non asym 186 James
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