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    assistant principal and college professor
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    donek custom axxess/bx hybrid 26 cm wide
    donek axxess 172, 24.5cm wide
    Burton 160 Fish
    Atomic Tele skis and hammerhead bindings
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    hybrid UPZ mountaineering boot
    Deeluxe Susuka
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    burton cartel 45 30
    td3sw 55 40
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  1. TJR

    WTB Weston Japow

    Preferably longer in length Thanks J
  2. Just seeing this, but I completely agree with the first response Excellent review I’m an avid hard booted and easily connected to your description I currently ride two boards: Donek Axxess/btx hybrid 178cm 26cm waist and a straight Axxess 172cm/. 24.5cm waist on TD3s Looking for suggestions for a super stiff 22-23cm waist board BX or alpine Need a sturdy board as I’m 250lbs and ride hard
  3. WTB pair of TD3 standard w/ 3 and 6 degree cants and blue e pads in good condition
  4. I'm interested- Still for sale and can you ship to Maryland?
  5. $450 Board is in excellent shape Base 9.5/10 and Topsheet a 9/10 Only Ridden a dozen times Binding highbacks Don’t match Cracked on on second day and Burton sent me what they had that would ‘match’ Both almost identical Purchaaing a long powder board Will trade and add $$ If someone would like to trade for a Weston Japow or Soul Pitch Wing
  6. I will take the boots . can you check express shipping to Losa Angeles 90049.  I need them by next Thursday.

    Are you selling the whole binding or just the plate 🙂







    505 S Barrington Ave #1

    Los Angeles CA 90049

  7. Deeluxe Susuka Boots Mondo 30/12 In great shape, a few scuffs BTS springs Boots do require a long plate of riding TD3s Boots a tad too narrow for my foot $225boots $125 TD3 long plates plus shipping
  8. Donek in the far left... for sale? Size? Waist? Interested
  9. Got the plates this evening Many thanks
  10. WTB two sets of TD3 long plates or trade for standard
  11. TJR

    Long Plates/TD3

    Still looking for long plates/TD3, two pair would be awesome, but one will suffice. Thanks J
  12. TJR

    Long Plates/TD3

    Great advice! I'll give it a look. Thanks for taking the time- J
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