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Rotobrush recommendations?


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I'm feeding my snowboard jonesing by looking at some new gear. I board, freestyle and hardboot, 2-3 times a week (perhaps not a ton by the standards here) during the season.

The one thing I'm sick of is waxing and scraping and brushing.... it looks like a rotobrush might be the way to go to at least help out SOME in that area.

Looking at Tognar, I see that there are two brands to choose from.

Red Creek: http://www.tognar.com/waxtools.html#TOK-2547

Swix: http://www.tognar.com/waxtools.html#SWX-T14

The Red Creeks are available in 30cm widths for snowboards, but the only brushes available in that size are a medium and soft nylon. Is this the Cadillac way to go?

I guess I think it would be nice to have a Copper brush to knock off all the old wax and get a good structure *before* the wax, else I'd be sold on the snowboard-sized ones (though the price is painful, for sure).

The other options are Red Creek in ski size (which gives the most brush options) or the Swix (which is MUCH cheaper, but only nylon again and only in ski size).

Anyone have recommendations?


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Guest Tiptoptune

John, I had the same thoughts, so I made my own handle and can use Swix and Red Creek. Shaft is made from 5/16 round stock, fabricated block of metal that indexes into the Swix brush and clamps to shaft, other end is another fabricated block that indexes to Swix but floats on shaft. Then I used a plastic spacer similar to a sewing thread spool. The handle end is a skateboard wheel with bearings adapted to a screw gun quick connect 1/4 hex bit changer and then I ground the shaft to match a hex bit.

I have three Swix ski size brushes, white (soft wax), black (hard wax), and blue (polishing). Also have the Red Creek Copper brush for the exact use you talk of. I made an adapter to use the Red Creek brush and it works great.

I would suggest the ski size Swix set up for costs, easier to store and transport, and make a adapter to use the R

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