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FS-Thinking of selling


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I'm thinking of selling my BX board along with TD1's step-in's, Raichle 123's w/thermoflex and heels. Before I post pictures wanted to get an idea of interest.


Salomon FRS-165 Red


Bomber Td1's Step-in's


Raichle 123's Modified


Step-in heels

5 position lean

Also, somewhat thinking of selling Donek FC163 I Royal Blue/TD2's Step-Ins/Deeluxe Indy's (w/Thermo)-orange color

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When it was built I was 165 lbs. I'm not sure if it was necessarily built for my specific weight as it's a stock Donek. My opinion is that it might be a little stiff for her, but someone else might know for sure? I'm not for sure selling the Donek, just considering at this point.

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