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Race for the Cup at Crystal Mtn


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Race for the Cup at Crystal Mountain, WA:

Attention Northwest riders:

Crystal Mountain will be hosting a PGS and PSL on Monday March 1st and Tuesday March 2nd. This is a fully sanctioned USSA race and will feature some of the finest elite level riders in North America. I have talked to the organizers and USSA staff and they are very interested in having some of us alpine types on the hill to help out if possible. Perks include a free lift ticket for each day worked plus a bonus day’s ticket, lunch, and best of all, the ability to be front row center as well as forerun the courses. Details about the race can be found on the USSA site at http://www.ussa.org I also may have a line on some cheap digs to stay as well, depending on total turnout. Very seldom do events of this caliber land in our own back yard so it is very important that we come out and support this if we want to see more of them.

Additionally, if enough folks are interested, I could arrange for a clinic the Sunday prior to the race (Feb 29th). This would include use of demo gear, digital video analysis and possibly gates as well. I would need a minimum of 6 riders to make this happen, so please let me know if I should start pricing it out.

If you are interested in any of the above, please email me ASAP.



rideon@qwest.net .

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So far, the following folks have said they would like to work the race with me on Mon & Tues:

Art Weichbrodt

Jon Garrison

Bill Harper

Jim McGrane

Marty Thomas

I have also received a few hits on doing a clinic on Sunday, so I'll plan to be on the hill that day as well.

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