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Big Sky any weekend.


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Hi Robert,

I saw your offer, under my Big Sky topic, only after I returned. Sorry I missed you. We'll be back out in the middle of March, though, and it would be fun to get together. We've been skiing Big Sky for a few years, now, so I know the mountain, but this was my second time snowboarding and first time hardbooting. I had a blast.

I felt fairly prepared after all the reading on here. then Jay, from here, met me the first day and gave me tips to work on all week. By the end of the week, I felt fairly comfortable. I can't wait to head back out in March. Kathy, from another MT mountain, was talking about coming down, too. Would be fun to get some people together. I'll start a new thread (date specific) as the time approaches.

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Guest owaysys

My name's Jeff Kenzie, and I met you a couple of years ago when I applied for a job as a snowboard instructor. My buddy Chris and I chatted with you for a few minutes in your office and were blown away by your fish mounts! I worked for Stephen all season and had a great time! I'm living in Livingston now, working for Trout Headwaters, Inc. and teaching on Sundays at Bridger Bowl. I'd love to get up to Big Sky to ride, but I can't seem to justify coughing up $70 for a day of riding. If I find a way to get a cheaper pass, I'll definitely give you a holler and let you know when I'm coming up. Hope you're having a great season, and hope to see you soon!

P.S. - Hope you're dealing with the loss of Ambush to the halfpipe alright. I was soooo bummed to see that last year! Ambush was always my favorite hardboot run, man.

Take care,


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Hi Jeff, I remember you and wish we had a chance to trench it up. I lived in Livingston for years (check out the side channel just below Depuis). I don't work for the Resort anymore so lost the good deals. If you want to come up and ride though just give me a shout. I too was bummed about Ambush but they are grooming a swath down Elk Park Meadow that is great.


P.S. Added a 17 3/4 inch Golden Trout to the wall last summer. LOL

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