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"New" boards - Cocoon Lotus 164 & 158


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I recently acquired 2 more boards, even a pair of sturdy looking bindings came with them...




The brand is Cocoon - pretty obscure. I think it might be somehow connected to Hooger - the shapes look the same as Hooger Tuned posted recently by someone (funky tails)... Anyhow, I couldn't resist the urge to buy and save them from collecting dust. They look very solid, the bigger one ridden but in mint condition, and the smaller one was mounted but probably never ridden. They feel very stiff and are made using carbon composites, have a lot of camber, too. Race stuff, I would say.

Here's the SPECS, some from the boards, some measured/calculated:

Cocoon Lotus 164

L = 164

CL = 145,5 (from text on board, but it looks longer)

N = 239 (measured)

W = 194 (measured)

T = 238 (measured)

SCR progressive ~ 11.9 (calculated)

Top sheet says:

"carbotech" and

"Raider weight: Racer 60-80kg, Carver 70-90kg" and

"Center yourself to be best"

Cocoon Lotus 158

L = 158

CL ~ 140 (measured)

N = 236 (measured)

W = 193 (measured)

T = 235 (measured)

SCR progressive ~ 11.5 (calculated)

Top sheet says:

"carbon, extra light" and

"progressive sidecut"

Obviously, I was dying to TEST RIDE the longer one, and took it out other day, for a night ride, in a big dump. Couldn't do it properly - the board felt mega stiff (suited for baby King-Kong), and kept burying the nose in the powder (race nose).

Now, this morning, the snow was much better for carving - freshly groomed powder. The board is a blast, but takes a lot of work to flex it (very stiff, longitudinally and torsionally). Eventually, I had to narrow the stance a bit to put more pressure towards the centre of the board. So, it has very good edge hold and it is quite stable at speed (for a short board). Due to torsional stiffness, it is not too crucial to drive the knees too precisely, but rather the timing of applied pressure, and fore-aft balance. The progressive side cut is also quite fun to ride, and I still have to figure out how to use the benefits of it... Verdict - great fun on groomed, too difficult in moguls and soft snow. A bit of extra length would be nice, but without more stiffness. Interesting to ride a relatively short board with quite a long (or to say medium?) scr.

Does anyone know more about these babies? All input appreciated.

Oh, yes - what bindings are these?




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Cocoon were distributed in New Zealand for a while by some friend of mine; they were the guys who designed the Checker Pig board; when that went under they set up cocoon.

Back ni 1992/1993 they had some decent shapes, a nice symetrical carver which was like the G7? i think it was of Checker pig. the Asyms were very ugly!

They look like a nice ride; have no idea what to tell you other than that!

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Whoa, kick ass board!

Other day we had really good hard pack (but not icy at all), and board really performed!

Also added the new screws that were missing in these new bindings and tried them, too. They are way stiffer than my old ones - really solid. All in all, very stiff setup (ski boots, stiff bindings and stiff board) = killer performance, but very little room for mistake...

As I said before, the board is very stiff, longitudinally and torsionally, both. So stiff that it "rings" when you stomp it on hard pack to shake the snow off! That's the carbon fibre in the composite I guess... Super edge hold, and great workout to make it flex, but it is worth it - once you got it flexed and on the edge it rails like crazy. It wants to do an EC too. The sweet spot is somewhat small and it is not too damp on rougher terrain - I think that I enjoy it better with softer bindings...

Can not take it to easy with this machine. You have to work it to work well. The best method was really throwing myself over downhill edge at the end of each carve, setting the edge high immediately, extending and then flexing trough turn.

Works nicely on the steeps, so long as you keep yourself balanced.

Couldn't do a very short turn on it, in despite the 11.9m scr.

A thoroughbred race board I would say...

Today I rode my trusty old soft Hooger. It was sooo smooth after taming the beast other day... And yes, I feel that my riding has improved after that experience.


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  • 2 years later...

Wow, 2 years old tread revival!

They have whole lot of plastic shims you can add under the toe/heel blocks. They are shown in the photo. I loved those bindings a lot, until I busted them :(

They seemed to be fairly stiff, at least compared to what I rode before and had good vibration damping too. I think they are Rossi, but there was no info on them.


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