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the best day of riding so far...


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i went out to wachusett friday night and it was very slushy. After my first run I rode up to the line and while unbuckling rear boot i fell over. All of the sudden i hear to kids screaming, "Oh My GOD those are awesome!!!" They wanted to ride in the lift with me but we were all in the singles line. Both were about 8 or 9 and were so excited to "see me in action." Thank fully, it was one of my better runs because i finally am able to link turns and lean pretty far. They were already making offers to buy the board off me even though it was twice their size. All day long, as expected, I got questioned about it and I gladly told them about it. Spreading the word one person at a time.

Kids seem to get more excited than adults. Most older kids just stare in wonder. One girl sitting next to me on the lift pointed down and asked, "What is that." My first thought was, "thats my happy stick...oh you mean my board?" Unfortunatly, being my extremely mature self, I didnt:cool:

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I've noticed that grade-school kids have a

The strongest, most positive interest in my gear always comes from grade-school kids. I guess it's during the transition from grammar school to junior high that they learn that nonconformity is bad and must be stamped out.

I always tell people to watch the Olympics, where half the racers will be riding gear like this. I'm working on a one-liner that will capture the essence of "BX is snowboard racing for softbooters" without being overly disrespectful... I wonder if the perception of soft boots would change if it were more clear that the banked turns are only there to help the softbooters keep up. :)

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